Who we are!

Humanitarian Voices and Engagement Organization-HAVE is a South Sudanese based charity non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian humanitarian and developmental organization dedicated to work with children, women, youth and the elderly in the communities to save lives and relieve suffering through emergency responses, post emergency response and development programs.

We aim to empower communities, build resilience in fight against poverty and improvement in their health through humanitarian aid and engaging them in capacity building.

HAVE was founded in 2017 as CBO by concerned group of South Sudanese with the primary purpose of assisting vulnerable populations in need. The first project intervention was a relief operation in response to the humanitarian crisis resulting from the July 8-11, 2016 conflict in the Country. Our four main areas of operation include;

  • Improved access to and safe water and Sanitation (ensuring that people have access to portable water supply and sanitation facilities)
  • Improved access to affordable and reliable health services
  • Access to basic education for the school going age.
  • Sustainable food security and livelihood
  • Access to Justice

In addition, HAVE also envision to engage in disaster preparedness and management through provision of relief services to the affected populations. Services provide included; WASH services, nutrition, NFIs shelter, food, clothing and medical supplies

HAVE continue to partner with several national and internal actors in the provision of humanitarian services to the people of the Republic of South Sudan. Our partners include;

  1. Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation (MWIRI)
  2. South Sudan Humanitarian Fund – Coordinated by UNOCHA
  3. Dorcas Relief & Development
  4. UNDP
  5. Peace Winds Japan

Reach Us

Bros Hotel Riverside, Kator, Juba Town,
South Sudan.
Website: www.have-ss.org
Email: info@have-ss.org
Tell: +211924514579, +211926268999

Working Hours
Monday—Friday: 8:00AM–5:00PM
Saturday: 9:00AM–3:00PM

We seek to provide humanitarian assistance to communities affected by disasters and conflicts while partnering with the local government for long-term solutions to alleviate poverty.

HAVE is motivated by the potential in Children, women, youth and the elderly; we optimize their role to foster peaceful co-existence and economic empowerment in areas we operate around the country.

Our Approaches

Community Based Participatory Approach: We acknowledge that communities have better solutions to the challenges that face them. We believe in listening and recognizing community challenges, empowering them and enhancing their capacities to effectively break the interlocking poverty trap. We adopt the Sustainable Livelihoods Framework to stimulate dialogue with communities about underlying factors that perpetuate poverty and enter consensus on how to eliminate vulnerability, illiteracy, exclusion and powerlessness.

Program Quality: For our work to make the best possible contribution in tackling poverty and free community of poverty and violence, the programs we deliver are of the highest quality. They are based on research and solid evidence, adhere to global standards and be subject to vigorous measurements. Delivering high quality programs depends on our staff using robust processes to manage every aspect of our operations and program work for the organizational reputations of quality.

Working in Partnership: We believe in partnering with Government (line Ministries), donors, communities, corporate and other humanitarian and development actors in order to effectively achieve our mission and vision. This means combining our expertise to improve health and save lives of people affected by poverty or disaster in order to reach their full potential.


Program Management

HAVE has established its head office in Juba, Lobonok,South Sudan; in addition HAVE has planned for field offices in Kwajok – Gogrial State, Magwi – Imatong State, Yei – Yei River State and Robkona in Unity State, Bor-Jongolei State.  HAVE program is managed through HAVE head office in Juba by dedicated Executive Director, Programme Director, Operation Director, Sector/Department Programme Managers, and Programme officers and its Project Managers based in field offices. The Project Managers reports directly to and is supported by HAVE Programme Director and Sector/department Programme Managers, all are based in Juba head office.
HAVE presently employs the following staff members at H/Qs and field offices, who will continue to work on its program:

  1. Programme Director (PD);

The PD is responsible for effective management of all ASSO programmes including planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and reporting maintaining work plans and budget that identifies key objectives, responsible staff, deliverables and potential obstacles. Provide leadership and management for programmes, security, admin, HR and recruitment departments, monitoring and review performances, assess development needs, provide coaching and mentoring to build a highly motivated personnel and team that are able to implement responsive and responsible programs at the same time pursuing new sources of donor funding and maintain adequate donor funding levels to sustain identified programme and support activities

  1. Director of Operations

The DO has overall operations responsibility for HAVE programmes and staff. As a senior representative of HAVE, the DO ensures that risks are minimized, organizational policies, processes, and procedures are in place, improved and adhered to, and all programmes are compliant with donor policies, rules, and regulations. The DO manages administrative staff and their functions, and leads long-term organizational planning. The DO is responsible for management of all administration systems and processes and overall daily office operations: including office management and facilities; technology, software, communications and IT; contracts, logistics, procurement, and including inventory management; management of HAVE’s administrative staff; human resources and employee services; grant administration, compliance, and reporting; financial management and development of organizational and program budgets.

The OD works alongside an inspiring, dynamic team of professionals. The OD will have exceptional management and administrative skills, and embrace a collaborative, team approach and contribute to innovative projects that support some of the most vulnerable people in South Sudan.

  1. Sector/Department Programme Managers;
  • WASH and Livelihoods Programme Manager (W&L PM):

The W&L PM is responsible for the overall coordination and planning of all the WASH and Livelihood activities, working closely with the National and State line Ministries and County Health Departments to build capacity in both existing government supported staff and HAVE staff based at different levels; plans and carries out trainings and community mobilizations throughout all the project allocated areas; responsible for technical requests and communications with line Ministries, UN, and NGO representatives.

  • Health and Nutrition Programme Manager (H&NPM);

The H&N PM is responsible for the overall coordination and planning of primary health care activities working closely with the State Ministry of Health and County Health Department to build capacity in both existing government supported staff and HAVE staff based at different health facilities; plans and carries out trainings and community mobilizations throughout all facility coverage areas; responsible for technical requests and communications with Ministry of Health (MOH), UN, and NGO representatives. 

  1. Project Managers (PM);

Under the overall guidance of the Programme Director, the Project Manager(s) is (are) responsible for managing the implementation of HAVE programmes. S/he reports to the Programme Director (PD).
The Project Manager(s) also works in close partnership with the respective

County Health Departments, Commissioners, Governors Offices, state ministries, and works in strong coordination with HAVE Head Office in Juba as well as field offices to arrange stakeholder meetings at state, County, and Payams level. 

  1. Monitoring & Evaluation Officer (M&EO),

The M&E Officer is responsible for providing logistical and operational support to all the project areas; conducting monthly reporting and tracking of health trends; coordinating drug, IEC, and supply requests from the health facilities; and forming recommendations to facilities based upon supervisory site visits.

  1. Logistics and Procurement Officer (L&PO),

The L&PO responsible for coordinating the delivery of all supplies and equipment’s to project locations and HAVE offices; maintains good working condition to all vehicles and compound equipment, the officer is also in charge of any security related threats or issues.

  1. Finance Manager, Finance Officer, and Accountants,

The Finance team is responsible for financial compliance and all expenditures made through HAVE head office and field offices, submits monthly financial requests and reports to Juba office; pays salaries to HAVE international and national staff.

Commonly support staff in the implementation sites and Juba will be shared with other programs, as well the resources necessary to house and operate the program. HAVE staff maintains strong management of operations, logistics, and programming through weekly, monthly, and quarterly planning, stakeholder meetings, and continual communication with partner organizations. Internally, HAVE operates financial and procurement procedures that provide thorough review of documentation both at the field office level and at the head office in Juba.

Our Guiding Principles

Building Sustainable Capacity

HAVE strengthens capacities to develop local responses to critical needs.

Establishing Partnerships

HAVE pursues partnerships with governments, foundations, non-governmental organizations, faith-based groups, and businesses to maximize impact.

Ensuring Quality

HAVE continuously ensures quality by defining standards, measuring performance, and applying results to exceed expectations.

Sharing Knowledge

HAVE tends to lead scientific research and program innovation in South Sudan and shall share findings, tools, and approaches with stakeholders at all levels. Managerial skills and technical knowhow will also be transferred to young, upcoming and junior staffs to build their capacity in a mentor- mentee kind of relationship.

How we are governed

HAVE is controlled, regulated and governed by its board members. The council of HAVE is elected from the membership annually.

How we raise money

 HAVE is being supported by generous donors we also receive money from governments and other partners.

How money is spent

87% of our budget is spent on emergency and development. The remainder goes on fundraising, education and governance.


HAVE draws on a number of codes and practices that dictate how we work.

Committed to saving lives

HAVE is able to respond quickly and effectively to people who are unable to meet their own basic needs, especially in emergency and long term situations. In all interventions, HAVE is guided by the following codes of conduct and practice:

  1. The Code of Conduct of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in Disaster Relief.
  2. The Humanitarian Charter.
  3. The Sphere Projects Minimum Standards in Disaster Response.

HAVE is also committed to the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership, which improves levels of program accountability.

For More details, Ref: Company Profile.