Humanitarian Voices & Engagement Organization (HAVE)

is a South Sudanese based charity non-profit, non-political and non-sectarian humanitarian and developmental organization dedicated to work with children, women, youth and the elderly in the communities to save lives and relieve suffering through emergency responses, post emergency response and development programs.


Our education program spans from; Girl Child Education, Pastoralist Education, Child Friendly education, Adult


HAVE works with Ministry of health of the Republic of South Sudan and State line ministries towards addressing health

Child Protection

HAVE’s gender sensitive and protection program provides support to all affected people men, women, boys and girls.


Our Areas of focus include but not limited to; Mobilization and sensitization of youths and communities to participate in


“Poor Health” in this context means; is mainly the use of unsafe and unclean water which is a focal matter to both


Our education program spans from; Girl Child Education, Pastoralist Education, Child Friendly..

Peace Building

This involves deployment of peer educators to engage and create awareness to the youth in camps and remote areas

Food Security & Livelihood

Above all we also focus on Crop diversification,Vegetable growing, Livestock

Emergency Response and Early Recovery Program

HAVE has developed emergency response capacity. Our Team


’’Building Resilience and Empowering communities’’


Have a world where people and their governments strengthen systems to improve health, nutrition, food security and save lives for people affected by poverty and disaster so they can reach their full potential.


To promote and improve the health and wellbeing of local communities by pursuing an integrated socio-economic approach, accesses to resources and enable them to achieve their full potential.

Core Values:

To implement evidenced based projects that adheres to international standards, through transparency, accountability with aim of attaining sustainable impacts.


Integrity, Transparency and accountability, Professionalism, Non-discrimination, Confidentiality, Respect for self and organization.

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